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OPD ServicesOPD Services

You have right to consult any doctor/ consultant. For seeking appointment with any consultant on his OPD days, you may contact his/her office. Patients are seen on first come first serve basis. However, out of turn consultation may be provided in case of emergency or to senior citizens.OPD Services

IPD ServicesIPD Services

Patients admitted in General Ward of LMC have to deposit bed charges in advance at the rates approved by LMC management. This entitles them for doctors consultations, certain basic investigations, life saving medicines and surgical items, diet, linen, I.V. fluids etc.IPD Services

Faculties in LMCFaculties in LMC

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program includes the core curriculum of four and a half academic years. It comprises of basic medical sciences, clinical subjects and community medicine including medical informatics, community based learning with community...Faculties in LMC

  • Lumbini Medical College

    LMC - Hospital

    Although health is a major responsibility of the government, considering the multitude problems faced by the country, it is impractical to hope and demand for the resolution.Lumbini Medical College

  • MBBS Programme in LMC

    MBBS Programme in LMC

    Adhering to the international standard set for Undergraduate Medical Education by the World Federation for Medical Education, and abiding by the norms set by Lumbini Medical College....MBBS Programme in LMC

  • Nursing at LMC

    Nursing at LMC

    Lumbini Medical College / Nursing programme is one of the important programmes of Lumbini Medical College . This programme is formally....

    Nursing at LMC